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Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeed Scotland Clinic

The Breastfeed Scotland Clinic is available to all families needing breastfeeding support. We welcome all whether you walked up the street or traveled Internationally!

Update on Services

The recommencement of Home and Breastfeed Scotland Clinic Consultations & the temporary suspension of the Free Antenatal and Postnatal Virtual Support Groups

As you’ve seen, Breastfeed Scotland is back in the homes and clinic for consultations!

Things have changed and so has Breastfeed Scotland s practice. Here are a few answers to your most commonly asked questions.

How will Breastfeed Scotland provide safety and protection to my family?

In line with Breastfeed Scotland’s insurance company guidelines, the following steps are to help the safety of all:

  • A brief phone call, message or mini virtual consultation will be scheduled to ascertain whether a Virtual, Home or Clinic Consultation best suits your needs. This will be after the completion of your intake forms.

If we decide a clinic or home visit is appropriate, Breastfeed Scotland will ask:

  1. Is anyone in your house displaying symptoms of Covid-19?
  2. Has anyone in your household had a fever, new persistent cough or loss of taste/smell?
  3. Can you confirm you’ve had no contact with anyone else symptomatic?
  4. Breastfeed Scotland will also inform you if anyone in their household is ill. This will mean Breastfeed Scotland is unable to preform an in-clinic or home consultation.
  5. Contactless temperatures will be taken at the door.

Breastfeed Scotland & PPE

Appropriate PPE will be worn at all times: mask, gloves, apron & shoe covers

Efforts to keep consultation as low contact as possible.

For certain clinical assessments like an Infant Oral Assessment (Tongue Tie Assessment) there will be additional PPE worn (visor or goggles).

Breastfeed Scotland will thoroughly clean/ sterilize any and all equipment used at each consultation.

Breastfeed Scotland will only be seeing a limited amount of clients per day to further reduce the small risk of infection.


It is requested to limit the consultation to the lactating parent(s) and baby(s) whenever possible.

Please wear a mask to your Clinic Consultation.

If needed, shoe covers and masks will be provided.

I’m excited to book my 1-2-1 Consultation Visit! I’m having difficulty getting a slot. Can Breastfeed Scotland help?

Currently, Breastfeed Scotland is performing limited daily In-Person Consultations (1- 3 per day). This is to ensure all cleaning measures are adequately preformed.

Sometimes there is last minute availability not listed on the booking link. Please reach out with a phone call or email.

Will you still be offering Virtual Consultations?

Breastfeed Scotland has always offered Virtual Consultations and will continue to do so. These consultations previously were reserved for those beyond the affordable drive time and for International Clients. However, Virtual Consultations have proved to be a wonderfully effective way of providing local 1-2-1 services. They are cost effective and are a great bonus in saving on the additional travel fees! Many clients are surprised how effective a Virtual Consultation is for them.

Reaching out for support is the hardest step.

Breastfeed Scotland knows that when you reach out for support you don’t want help in a weeks time…you want it YESTERDAY!

You deserve the support you seek.

If you’d like any more information about any of the above, or to get in touch please contact Breastfeed Scotland at 07895456589 or email ArielleBall@BreastfeedScotland.com

*Due to increased number of consultations, Breastfeed Scotland’s FREE Antenatal and Postnatal Feeding Support Groups will be suspended until further notice.

*** Prior to your consultation, all forms need to be complete. Please note, that as a health care professional, it is unethical for us to support you without these forms filled out.

I spent 6 YEARS begging for help with my chronic low milk supply, with local medical lactation support being non existent! Loads of awesome volunteer supporters tried their best to help me but, regrettably, hearing that you need to feed more, take a nursing vacation, skin to skin (all the things that DO work where there is no supply issue) is soul destroying when you have a medical issue that is the underlying cause. But nobody available to me had the knowledge, experience and education to get to the bottom of it so I could maximise breastfeeding (and heal my broken heart) .... until Arielle arrived in Aberdeenshire! She has worked tirelessly for me, and even liaised with my GP, who has also found her amazing. More women need this help. I would urge anyone struggling with breastfeeding to contact Arielle - you will not be disappointed and will get evidence based support that will give you the very best chance to achieve your feeding goals.
"Arielle helped me solve my breastfeeding issues in one session! She is very reassuring and professional and went straight to fixing the issues I had. I turned to her after a week's struggle with sore and engorged breasts, not really knowing what I was doing and overproducing my milk supply. With the advice and resources she gave me, I managed to breastfeed without aids the very next day. I also gained a better idea on how breastfeeding works, how to plan it and how to know how much is enough for the baby. Highly recommend."
Arielle came to my home and helped my babe and I to learn to nurse. I have 3 older babies that all nursed, but this baby was different. He has special needs. Arielle came into my home at one of my most vulnerable times and treated me like a friend while she helped my baby and I to establish our nursing relationship. He is 20 months now and still nursing...and planning to for 20 more months or more!
Arielle went out of her way to get me an appointment as soon as possible because she could see how much I needed help. She was kind, calm and reassuring and unlike many breastfeeding advocates was open to discussing all options with me. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional and nothing is too much trouble. I can not recommend her highly enough, she is worth every penny and more.

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