Pregnant and giving birth in 2023? Looking to start off informed and empowered for your breastfeeding journey? Book a space in our January Preparing to Feed Your Baby in-person Event. Select the date 21, January at 1PM!

Antenatal Support

Preparing to Feed Your Baby Group In-person workshops are fun, interactive and informative. They are perfect for all expecting families and those who would like a refresher class. Next workshop at the Breastfeed Scotland Clinic- January 21st at 1PM Only £35 per family for this 2 hour workshop. “This class prepared me better than anything I’ve ever taken. I took this with my 3rd child and wish I had this before my 1st”- Client

Antenatal Infant Feeding Consultations are bespoke individual consultations for those families who may have struggled with infant feeding in the past, if you are a family expecting a complicated birth, have underlying health conditions that may affect lactation or expecting an infant with additional support needs. They are also great for families who would like individual support.

Postnatal Support

Breastfeed Scotland’s Postnatal Consultations offer a variety of services depending on the needs of you and your family. Consultations can be up to 1-1.5 hours and can include: history, oral assessment, feeding observations, infant weights, guidance and support to help you meet your goals. From birth to weaning.

Equity Fund

Breastfeed Scotland is committed to improving access to Antenatal and Postnatal Care for ALL families. We want to ensure parents can connect with a expert clinical infant feeding specialist who understands their infant feeding choices, the families’ health history and the families feeding goals. We will always strive to bring the requisite sensitivity and compassion to each care experience.

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Infant Feeding Specialist personalised care helping you meet your feeding goals.

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