Congratulations on making the decision to breastfeed.

All classes and consultations are with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

Click on an individual service picture or name to be directed to the Class or Consultation that best suits your needs below.

Services can be provided at the Breastfeeding Scotland Clinic, home, a location of your choice or via a Virtual Consultation.


Upon booking any service we will email you a link to your personal Intake Form. This form asks a range of questions to help best support your individual experience. Classes and Consultations are custom design for you. So please fill out your Intake Forms as soon as possible to give us time to support you best!


Some consultations include a Care Plan (our aim is within 24 hours) and/or a Lactation Assessment Report to be sent to your Healthcare Provider(s) (GP/Midwife/Health Visitor/etc.). Our aim is to mail the report within 48-72 hours after your consultation. Please remember to include names and addresses in your Intake forms or there may be a delay in getting your report sent.

Pregnant Woman Enjoying her Drink

The Antenatal Breastfeeding Class is perfect for:

If you struggled with infant feeding in the past

Families expecting a complicated birth

If you are expecting an Infant with Additional Support Needs 

Families who would like a refresher class

For all expectant families

Many of our Postnatal Consultation Families wish they took our Antenatal class. Classes allow for an in-depth discussion about your upcoming breastfeeding journey, preparing your personal Success Plan, benefits of breastfeeding, the basics of a good latch, tips on positioning. This is also an opportunity to get your common concerns, pumping questions, breastfeeding questions answered and when to reach out for help.

We encourage you, your partner and or supporter(s) to attend this fun 2 hour class together.

*For exclusive group classes with your expecting friends and discounts please send us an emailed inquiry before booking.

Aberdeenshire Breastfeeding Consultancy's Breastmilk Feeding Consultations offer a variety of services depending on the needs of you and your family from birth to weaning. This consultation is up to two hours. The consultation includes, but is not limited to: history, oral assessment, feeding observations, infant weights, guidance and support to help you meet your goals.

We encourage all partners, support systems and family members to attend.



Virtual Consultations available for virtually any infant feeding need from antenatal through weaning. It is suggested that every effort should be made in booking an in-person consultation. Virtual Consultations are a popular option with our International Clients. Virtual Consultations are also popular in times of illness or where it is difficult to come into the clinic or book a home visit. Rest assured that no matter how close or far you are, Virtual Consultations are available with Aberdeenshire Breastfeeding Consultancy. We are here for you.

This session is for parents/carers of babies 3-6 months of age who are interested in starting solids. An Aberdeenshire Breastfeeding Consultant will provide information on when to start solid foods, what food to start with and how to introduce solid foods to your baby.

Paxton one year nursing.jpg

Secure Messaging: All consults include 2 weeks of support through secure messaging. Additional support is available for £20/week.


Unlimited support through one year postpartum £50.

Additional Time: Sometimes you may wish to add more time to your Consultation or Class. If we can accommodate additional fees will apply. If we are unable to accommodate the additional time request please feel to book our discounted Follow Up Consultations. 

Discount Follow Up: 1 hour or 2 hour follow up Consultations are available for our previously booked clients.  All clients who book an Antenatal Class/Consult automatically get discounted on any Postpartum Class or Consultation. Additional consultations may be required to meet your personal breastfeeding goals.

We know that sometimes our spaces fill up quickly.  Do you need a Consultation or Class outside of Aberdeenshire Breastfeeding Consultancy current listed availability? Aberdeenshire Breastfeeding Consultancy may be able to accommodate.  Booking outside of our listed times of availability for our services can be done by placing an inquiry for the service. A flat £25 will be added to your Consultation Fees to cover added expenses if we are able to accommodate an outside of our listed service time.  It is FREE to INQUIRE about our out of hours availability and the additional fee will only be charged after booking your consultation.  


Are you heading back to work and want personal assistance to prepare for pumping? Aberdeenshire Breastfeeding Consultancy offers back to work consults for personalized service related to pumping, bottle feeding, and helping your caregiver support your breastfeeding relationship.

This one hour service is also good for those baby's who are rejecting the bottle.

Do you have an event, workshop, conference, gathering or meeting you would like Aberdeenshire Breastfeeding Consultancy to speak at? Contact us today for our speaking arrangement availability. 

-Group classes

-Group consults


Previous Engagements in the USA Include:

  • Proclamation Speaker at City and County Halls with the support of our Commissioners and Mayors during National Breastfeeding Month and World Breastfeeding Week 

  • Panelist speaker for various events including Florida Healthy Babies Community Meeting and Bloom - Mother’s Day Brunch 

  • Community events - Hosting and participating in the Global Big Latch On, Health Fairs, Community Baby Showers, Breastfeeding Individual and Group photography, Nursing Milestone Celebrations, Breastfeeding Circle Stories 

  • Local/National Syndicated Radio Interviews/Podcasts with Maternally Yours, The Body Mind Radio Show and Mommyz Love 

  • Featured Interview in Mommy Magazine

Are you wondering if your breast pump flanges are the right fit for you? Are you having pain while pumping? Are you feeling like your pump isn't working right? Schedule a 45 minute Pumping and Flange Fitting appointment with Aberdeenshire Breastfeeding Consultancy and we will help you with flange fittings, maximizing your pumping outputs, answer your questions and support your needs.

* We also have pump rentals available.

Are you...
a parent who has birthed their baby and is not currently nursing,
a foster parent or parent-to-be,
an adoptive parent or parent-to-be,
an intended parent through surrogacy,
a trans woman,
OR a non-birthing parent or parent-to-be partnered with a birthing parent?

Aberdeenshire Breastfeeding Consultancy is here for you. In our two hour Initial Consultation we will develop your personal plan. We will meet (phone, in-person or videoconference/telehealth) to develop a personal plan. This plan is customized to your health history, circumstances, and values. After we develop your personal plan we are here to help you implement your plan to reach your individual infant feeding goals by enrolling you into our Breastfeeding Without Birthing Consultation Package.

Congratulations on your infant feeding decision! We are honored to be a part of your journey!

I have had the privilege of working alongside Arielle in a professional capacity. Her knowledge, experience and professionalism are second to none but at the same time she is honest, caring and extremely approachable. 

I have learned so much from Arielle and her skills are what’s needed to help normalise breastfeeding but also to give any mum who might be struggling to establish feeding, or unsure about how to continue with their breastfeeding journey, the confidence and support that is always needed but often lacking.

-Fiona M.

Arielle is a wealth of knowledge, encouragement and charisma. She taught me so much and I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to spend time with her.

-Betsy S.

I consider Arielle such a blessing in our lives. At 4 months old, my infant son and I were struggling to say the least. He had spent a week in the NICU after birth and we were working hard to overcome the obstacles of that experience, including building my milk supply since he was initially tube and bottle fed. He was not gaining weight as necessary and I was quickly spiraling into a cycle of discouragement and despair and dreading our weekly pediatrician visits where the only solution offered was to switch to formula. I took a leap of faith and took my introvert self and my baby to a breastfeeding support group at a local library. Arielle listened to me and comforted my bruised mama soul and gave me advice that changed the whole trajectory of our breastfeeding journey.

From the symptoms I described, and gently examining his mouth, she suggested he may have a lip and/or tongue tie that might need intervention. No other provider had noticed this and while we were frustrated it had been overlooked for so long I was happy to have an action plan. We made an appointment with a dentist she referred us to that specialized in the laser revision technique and he confirmed Arielle’s suspicion. In fact, our baby had a SEVERE tongue and upper lip tie. After the 5 minute procedure to release them, he nursed for the first time without pain for me and without struggle for him. I will be forever grateful for her knowledge, patience and kindness.

-Jaime C.

Breastfeeding Photo credit

- Studio 25 Photography (Pumping & Flange, Breastfeeding Without Birth) - www.studio25photography.com

Tara Tomlinson Photography (Additional Support and Group Photo) - www.TaraTomlinson.com

Six Stock Photos - Prenatal and Birth

Arielle Ball, IBCLC personal photos - Postpartum, Starting Solids, Engagements

Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeed Scotland Clinic: 16 Couten's Park, Oldmeldrum, AB51 0PG

The Breastfeed Scotland Clinic is available to all families needing breastfeeding support. We welcome all whether you walked up the street or traveled Internationally!

Home Visits for Aberdeen and the shire: Aboyne, Alford, Ballater, Banchory, Banff, Braemar, Crovie, Cruden Bay, Cullen, Ellon, Fraserburgh, Gardenstown, Gourdon, Huntly, Inverurie, Johnshaven, Kemnay, Kintore, Laurencekirk, Macduff, Mintlaw, Newburgh, Newtonhill, Oldmeldrum, Pennan, Peterhead, Portlethen, Portsoy, Sandend, St. Cyrus, Strathdon, Stonehaven, Tarves, Turriff, Westhill, Whitehills

(Travel Fee - All home consultations will incur a travel fee based off of their mileage outside of the Breastfeed Scotland Clinic. A £25 Travel Fee is added for homes up to 20 miles outside of the Clinic.  There will be additional Travel Fees for homes 21 or more miles outside of the clinic.)

International Clients welcomed - Virtual Consultations through our secure Practice Better Telehealth Video

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